Why has the InstaPay Now fee increased? via Money

During the Covid pandemic, Swag removed all fees associated with using InstaPay Now as a goodwill gesture. To cover operating costs, we are reintroducing the InstaPay Now fee from the 17th October 2022; this means an InstaPay Now withdrawal of your pay into your bank account will be $4.00 per transaction.

If you access InstaPay Now through the Swag Spend Account, then your first transaction is free, and each subsequent transaction is $3.00.

Helpful Hint

Accessing InstaPay Now through Swag Spend Account is $3.00 per transaction. Sending InstaPayNow to another bank account is $4.00 per transaction. Click here to find out how to sign up to Swag Spend Account to access the reduced InstaPay Now fee.

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