What is InstaPay Now?

InstaPay Now amounts are limited to 50% of an employee's unpaid net pay owed, with a weekly cap of $1,000, deducting any withdrawn wages in advance from your next pay. 

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Introduction to InstaPay Now

What is InstaPay Now?

InstaPay Now gives you access to your money as you earn it, instead of waiting for payday, giving you greater control over your finances. It is available exclusively to employees of organisations using the Employment Hero Payroll platform, accessible through the Swag app.

When you withdraw your wages in advance through InstaPay Now, the amount will be deducted from your next pay. This service is not a credit product and does not incur interest or late fees.

Important considerations:

  • Make sure you have enough funds for your financial obligations.
  • Employment Hero is not liable for any loss or financial hardship resulting from accessing your pay early.
How do I get InstaPay Now?

Follow the instructions in our article: How do I set up InstaPay Now?

What are the InstaPay Now fees?

There is a small fee for each InstaPay Now transaction:

  • 1.3% of the transaction amount if you choose to have your funds sent to your Swag Spend account.
  • 1.5% of the transaction if you prefer your funds sent to another bank account.

Employer responsibility

As a Payroll manager, do I need to do any admin for InstaPay Now?

Payroll managers do not need to do any admin. Any InstaPay Now withdrawals are automatically deducted by Employment Hero from the next pay cycle.

Support and help

Where do I get help regarding InstaPay Now?

Submit a request via the Employment Hero support team. Get in touch with us here.

Is InstaPay Now pay-day lending?

No, you get early access to your own earned wages without the need to use credit cards, Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL), or loans. There are no interest or late fees for using InstaPay Now. It is important to note that the InstaPay Now transaction fee covers Swag's costs, and is not interest on your payment.

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