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The Swag Store provides Swag users with the opportunity to purchase products aimed at enhancing their lives at work and home by being able to purchase gift cards and movie tickets at reduced prices.

How to make a purchase in the Swag Store


All gift cards are e-gift cards and no physical cards will be sent out.

Make a purchase
      1. Log into the Swag app.
      2. Tap on the Benefits icon.
      3. Tap on Store.
      4. Search through the product offerings and tap on the product you want to purchase. The discounts offered are shown in the prices.
      5. Tap the Buy Now button.
      6. Tap on Payment Details.
      7. Select if you would like to make the purchase using either available Hero Points, or you linked bank card, or split the payment between both and tap Continue.
      8. Review your order and then tap Complete Order.


Refunds and/or returns are not eligible once you've purchased an online voucher.

  1. Once you have successfully purchased your gift card, tap Purchase history
  2. Tap on the vendor details.
  3. Tap on the Redeem Gift Card.
  4. Your gift card details will be displayed with your voucher code; tap on Redeem code when you are ready to use your voucher.

Helpful Hint

See here for the Swag Store fees.

How to view my order history

The below premise will walk you through how to view your Discount store purchase order history.

View my order history
  1. Log into the Swag App.
  2. Tap Benefits.
  3. Tap on Store.
  4. Tap on Purchase History.
  5. You will then see your order history displayed.

Further information

Accepted payment methods

You can use the following payment methods within the Swag discount store:

  • Visa debit or credit card.
  • Mastercard debit or credit card.
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