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If you are an individual who is not currently employed, or if you are looking for a new role at a different organisation, then this section applies to you.

Career provides users of Swag the opportunity to browse and apply for roles from a diverse range of organisations from the comfort of your mobile device.


You need to set up your Career profile on the Career website before downloading the application. Once you have created your Career profile, you can manage and apply for roles through the Swag app.

  What happens when I am hired by someone?  

When you are hired by an organisation through the Swag app, you will be prompted to switch your Swag app view from Career mode to Work mode. From here, you can manage your employment details, submit leave requests and timesheets, and view your pay slips.

  How do I withdraw my application?  

After you apply for a job, head to the Applications tab on the Swag app, and press the delete icon for the job application you would like to withdraw from. 

  How can I update my email address or password?  

You cannot change your Swag jobs email address. To change your password, open the Swag app and tap the Forgot Password link when prompted to log in.

  How can I close my account and ask for my data to be deleted?  

You will need to send a request to our Support Team to have your account closed and deleted. You can contact our Support Team using the form attached to this page.

  What do I do if I think a job posting is a scam?

If you think a job posting is a scam, please report this to us here. We recommend that you do not click on any links provided in the job posting or share any personal data with the job poster.

  Can I search for remote-first role?  

Yes, when searching for a role, you can enter 'Remote' as a city or country.

  How do I check the status of my application?  

To view your applications, head to the Applications tab. Each job application will have a tag depending on the status of your application.

  Is it safe for me to apply for a job on the Swag app?  

We make sure that applying for a job on Swag is safe by having advanced security measures in place. We take security very seriously and are an ISO27001 compliant organisation. You can read more about our security processes here.

  What does Swag do with my application ?  

When you apply for a job on Swag, we will provide your application to the company that posted the role. This information will be processed by the company on behalf of the job poster.

  What is SmartMatch? How will it help me find a job? ?  

SmartMatch is AI-powered assistance to match your skills, experience, education and preferences with like jobs, saving you the time spent searching. 

Once you have updated your match criteria in SmartMatch, tap on Find Matches to be matched to ideal roles. See this article to find more information about how SmartMatch works.  
Screenshot of where to tap on find matches in the smartmatch feature

  Can I upload a resume to Career for employers to review?  

Yes, you can. Tap on My Resume along the top bar, and tap on "Upload your resume and we'll complete your profile". Once you have uploaded your resume and clicked continue, Swag will populate your public profile for you with data from your resume. Then you can add your Personal Summary, Certifications and Licences, Skills and Role Preferences to make sure you get matched with ideal roles.

full screen screenshot of my resume, displaying all fileds to enter your information

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