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The discounts option allows your pay to go further by accessing exclusive discounts when you shop in the Swag Store. 



  Why access discounts in the Swag Store?  

Swag exclusively offers discounts with our partner vendors on products and services such as groceries, technology, homewares, movie tickets, personal care and much more. Make your money go further and save on everyday items and large purchases alike by using the Swag Store.

  Why can I no longer purchase discounts with InstaPay  

In the current release we do not support InstaPay transactions. However, we are working on making this available again in Swag app again soon.

  The shop timed out when I purchased a gift card. I am not sure if the purchase went through. What do I do?  

You can contact the Swag Benefits Help team via this link. 

  I want to return/exchange my gift card. How do I do this?  

Unfortunately, we are unable to process a refund for a gift card.

  Why is my credit card not accepted?  

We only accept MasterCard and Visa at this point. You can only enrol up to 5 cards.

  How do I remove my credit card from the app?  

You can contact the Swag Benefits Help team via this link. 

  How can I get a refund for a product I have purchased?  

Please contact the merchant. They will be able to process a return or exchange in accordance with their policies.

  Why can I no longer purchase from the discounts with Hero Dollars balance?  

In the current release you cannot purchase with Hero Dollars. However, we are working on having Hero Dollars available again in the Swag app soon.

Still need help?

Submit a ticket to our support team.

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