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  What do I do if I see transactions on my card that I did not make?  

Where you think a transaction is an unauthorised transaction or is otherwise incorrect, please get in touch with us immediately via the Swag App and provide as much information as you can about the relevant transaction so we can investigate further.

There are specific circumstances and time frames where we can claim a refund in connection with a disputed transaction. This means that our ability to investigate a disputed transaction is limited to the time frames imposed by payment service providers and card schemes (like Visa) that we deal with, so it is important to let us know as soon as possible after you become aware of a disputed transaction.

If you have a problem with a purchase made with your Swag Spend Account Card or a disputed transaction, the first step is to get in touch with the merchant you made the purchase from.

If you cannot resolve the matter with the merchant, contact us about the disputed transaction via the Swag App.

If you suspect that the security of your Swag Spend account and or the Swag Spend Account Card has been compromised, you may want to disable your Swag Spend Account and the Swag Spend Account Visa debit card to avoid continued unauthorised use.

You can contact the Swag Spend Account Help team via this link. 

  Why has a transfer from another bank not appeared immediately?  

Many financial institutions support NPP/OSKO payments, but speed is not always guaranteed as they rely on processing technology. Some banks choose to hold or downgrade NPP payments or send them via the slower Direct Entry payment channel. Because of their own internal rules they may have in place due to fraud and anti-money laundering monitoring, or sending to a new account.

If your funds do not arrive instantly, please wait for at least 24 hours. When the transfer is generated over the weekend, please wait until the end of the next business day for the funds to reach your account.

  A transfer has not arrived in my Swag Spend account. How do I find it?  

If you are missing a payment or transaction in your Swag Spend Account, you can contact the Swag Spend Account Help team via this link.

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