Getting started for employers and managers via payroll work

Accessing and logging into the app

You can access the Swag app on either the App Store for iPhone users, or the Google Play Store for Android users. Open the app and log in using the same credentials you use for your payroll log-in. If you have forgotten your log-in details, there is a link to ask for a magic log-in link. It will email you a link to your registered email address. We will then ask you to set up a passcode that you can then use when you next log into the app.

Understanding the dashboard

Open the Swag app and log in. When you open the Swag app and tap on the yellow Work icon, it wil open up to the Home view. From here you gain a quick view into your personal profile that covers:

  • Last payslip.

Helpful Hint

You can click the   button to hide or unhid your pay slip information.

  • Last pay date.
  • Roster and shift dates.
  • Clock in/out button.
  • Leave allowance.
  • Profile/Employee Files View.

Each of these views you can tap on to provide instant access to the various features of the app, or you can use the feature bar across the top of the Dashboard to select the Payslips, Leave, Timesheets, Expense, Rosters, or Unavailability features.

There is also the option to access your profile details by tapping on your Profile button in the top right hand corner. It will lead to other options such as bank details and other organisation log-in options. To read more on navigating your personal profile, read here. To return to the Dashboard or Home view at any point, tap the Home button

Switching between employee and manager view

The key feature you need to know as an employer or manager is that in any view or part of the app you can toggle between the manager and employee view using the User Switcher toggle button at the top of the page. Slide it to the left to enter the my employee view of any of the work functions.
Screenshot of where to toggle between my timesheets and timesheet management. Toggle on to my timesheets to ensure that you are in the employee view

To access the management view, slide the switch to the right. You will know you are in the right area when the view switched shows a singular person and not a group of people.

Screenshot of where to toggle between my timesheets and timesheet management. Toggle on to timesheet management to ensure that you are in the manager or admin view

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