How to stop your Swag Spend account card | Money

If you suspect that your card has been lost, stolen or compromised, you can stop your card through your Swag app.


If you have lost both your Swag card and your phone to access the Swag app, put in a card cancellation request here.

  1. Login to your Swag app.
  2. Tap Money.
  3. Tap Card. 
  4. Tap the Card is enabled slider. This will automatically disable contactless payments, and payments at terminals.
  5. Tap on Damaged, lost or stolen card.
  6. Enter your passcode or fingerprint.
  7. Tap Cancel and order a card.
  8. Confirm or update the mailing address.
  9. Tap Order card.
  10. You will then need to choose a new PIN for your new card.
  11. Repeat the PIN.

Your new card will then be delivered to your address within 7 - 10 working days.


You can use your digital card in your account straight away.

Still need help? Request further assistance via the Swag app. 

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