Connected superannuation account | FAQ - Money

The Swag app provides users the ability to see their superannuation details under the Money feature in the Swag app.

My employer doesn’t use Employment Hero, but I want to add my super details, can I do that?
Not quite yet. We can only collect super information from companies that use Employment Hero as their HR or payroll software right now. Once you land a job through Career, you will be able to unlock this feature and supercharge your super.
What do you do with the details I provide?
We store your details securely and in line with our privacy policy against your user profile.
Why do you need my member number?
The details you provide are used to match any superannuation related activity by your employer/s and display it in the app. We don’t send your information anywhere or to anyone without your permission.
I’ve changed super funds, how do I update my details?

You will need to update your superannuation details with your employer in the Employment Hero HRIS platform. You can learn how to do that here. We are working towards keeping your details in Money synced with Work, but have not quite got there yet. After the first import you won’t see any changes made in Employment Hero HRIS platform reflected in Money.

I have multiple super funds, can I add more than one to Swag?
No. You cannot store more than one set of super details in Money.
Can I sign up with a fund in the app?
You cannot sign up to a fund in the app right now. We are working to bring this experience into Swag.
I have a self-managed super fund (SMSF), can I add those details in Money?
We don’t currently support adding your SMSF to Swag.
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