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Bill Management allows Swag ‌users to save time and money by providing you with an easy-to-use interface to manage your bills, compare prices, and get discounts on your payments. Bill Management also helps our users to keep track of their bills and payments. Lastly, it also allows you to set up automatic payments for recurring bills and to receive notifications when your bills are due.



  Why sign up for Bill Management?  

Bill Management is a product that requires multiple providers per type of bill, as well as multiple bills for it to provide value regarding saving time and making it convenient for users. Bill Management offers Swag users around 5% of savings per user, per annum to help with cost of living.  Also, if you set up for your ENGIE bill to be paid with Bill Management, you no longer have to remember to pay your electricity and gas bills, taking one less task off your plate. 

  What bills can I pay with Bill Management?  

Bill Management is a feature in Swag's Money section that will allow you to partner with ENGIE to receive 5% off your electricity and gas bills each month. It will be 5% off what you would pay if they you where to choose ENGIE outside the Swag app. We will be adding more partner companies in time.

  How much money will I save with Bill Management?  

Swag users can save up around 5% on recurring, commercial non-discretionary services, equating to around $200-250 per annum, per user of savings.

  When do I have to pay my bill with Bill Management?  

You can choose to have your bills aligned with your paycycle so that you can make payments straight from your payslip to ENGIE. You will be given the ability to stop a payment from your pay as well, in case an emergency pops up. You will still need to pay your bill on time.

  If I have an issue with my ENGIE bill or ENGIE service, who do I contact for help?  

If you have an issue with my ENGIE bill or service, get in touch with ENGIE's help centre directly. Swag is not able to help with bill or service-related enquiries.

  When will other services will available for Bill Management?  

Swag will announce when we have other partner services available for use with Bill Management.

  How does the Swag/ENGIE Hero Points offer work?  

Between 2nd to 31st May 2024, if you switch your energy provider to ENGIE (previously Simply Energy), you will receive 2000 Hero Points.

You must switch using your Swag account email, and your points will arrive before July 31, 2024. Terms and Conditions Apply.

  What are the eligibility criteria for the AHM offer?  

You must join online via the Swag app or website, and be a Swag user at the time you sign up to this offer. Available for new AHM members on new memberships only.

You must not have held ahm hospital and/or extras cover in the last 30 days from your cover start date (unless you are a dependant coming off a family cover or single-parent family cover).

  What happens if I am no longer a Swag user?  

As long as you were a Swag user at the time of signing up, you can remain on this offer. Refer to the offer's terms and conditions for full details.

  Can I sign up with this offer over the phone?  

You will need to sign up online to redeem this offer.

  What can I do if I have an issue with AHM?  

A: Swag is not able to assist with billing or service-related enquiries. Please contact AHM directly.

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