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Find your lost superannuation lets you quickly access your fund-provided consolidation, which may help you find any superannuation accounts you may have forgotten you had.


Not every fund supports consolidation via the Swag app. You will still see Consolidate Super tile in your Swag account even if your fund is not yet supported. If your fund is not yet supported, you will be able to express interest in the feature. Doing so helps us partner with more funds and improve Consolidate Super for everyone.

Why should I consolidate my superannuation?
Consolidating makes it easier to manage your superannuation and may save on fees.
What do I need to do before I consolidate?
Before you consolidate you should:
  • Check your employer contributions
  • Check your insurance cover or if you will lose coverage by moving funds
  • Tell your employer your updated superannuation account details.
You may also want to seek financial advice.
Why do I have to log into my fund web portal?
Only your fund is allowed to access the tools provided by the ATO that are required to complete the consolidation process. Logging in ensures that the right information is being used to consolidate.
Who manages the consolidation process?
Your fund is responsible for the whole thing. Swag just points you in the right direction and makes it as easy as possible to start.
Why does my fund not support consolidation in Swag yet?
Swag partners with specific funds to deliver their services in our app. You will have the option to request this feature if your fund is not supported. By requesting this feature you can help us convince your fund to partner with us and make your Swag experience that much better.
Is my personal information safe?
None of the information you provide your fund to complete the consolidation process is shared with us. Your fund may tell us when you have finished consolidating.
I have questions about how to complete my funds consolidation journey.
Each fund is slightly different. Check out their support articles or contact them for specific help.
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