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Swag will help you search for any forgotten superannuation accounts, and facilitates consolidation into your primary superannuation account, helping you increase your super balance and save on account fees. 


Not every fund supports consolidation via the Swag app. You will still see Consolidate Super tile in your Swag account even if your fund is not yet supported. If your fund is not yet supported, you will be able to express interest in the feature. Doing so helps us partner with more funds and improve Consolidate Super for everyone.

Find your lost superannuation
  1. Open the Swag app.
  2. Tap on the Money icon.
    Screenshot of where to tap on the money icon
  3. Tap on Super along the top bar.
    Screenshot of where to tap super along the top bar
  4. Tap on Find lost super now.
    Screenshot of where to tap find lost super now
  5. Read the blurb, then tap on Let's go!
    Screenshot of where to tap lets go
  6. Tap on Find your lost super.
    Screenshot of where to tap lets go
  7. This will open a new browser within the Swag app of your super fund. Log into your super fund account to begin the consolidation process.
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