WorkZone mobile app retirement | FAQ

The WorkZone app will be replaced by an app called Swag, which is available for download on the Google Play or App Store.

Swag includes the same features for managing work, but with a great new look and feel!

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  Why are we transitioning from the WorkZone app?  

The WorkZone app will be replaced by a new app called Swag, which is now available to download from the Google Play and Apple App store.

  We are connected to an HR account, can we now transition too?  

Yes! The great news is that your employees only need to use one mobile app now!


Remember that you need to update your settings. Please follow our step-by-step guide.

  Will employees be able to use WorkZone and the new app during the transition period, up to 12 October 2023?  

Yes, employees will be able to use the WorkZone app; however, we do encourage all users to start using Swag from the start to familiarise themselves with the new interface.

  How do users log into the Swag app?  

Users will be able to log into the app using their existing WorkZone credentials. The only change for users would be logging into Swag instead of WorkZone.

  Will there be in-app notifications reminding users to transition to the new app?   

Yes, from 25 August - 22 September 2023, users of WorkZone will start to see in-app notifications to remind them to download Swag.

  Will all of my WorkZone features still be available?   

All WorkZone features and functionality will be available in Swag; however, please note that the user interface will be different. For example:

  • Most WorkZone features will be found in the Work tab
  • Payslips (previously accessible via the Employee File) will now be accessed via the horizontal navigation bar

Helpful Hint

Dark Mode and Custom Colour features are not available in Swag.


  Will updates I make on the Swag app update to Payroll?   

Yes, all changes made in the Swag app will also update to your payroll app and vice-versa (i.e. changes made in your payroll app will be pushed through to Swag).

  I want to reset my password. How can I do this?   

Payroll-only customers can view instructions in this help article.

HR and Payroll customers can view instructions in this help article.

You can also watch this video to help you navigate Swag.

  I have more than one organisation, how can I see all work dashboards?   

If you want to switch between all of your organisation's dashboards, you can do this by completing the following:

  1. Log into the Swag app.
  2. Tap on your profile picture or initials in the top right-hand side of the screen.
  3. Tap on Organisations.
  4. Tap on your desired organisation. 

  Are video demonstrations of the Swag app available?    

Yes, you can access walk-through demonstrations of the Swag features here.

  Will data be lost in the transition from WorkZone to Swag?  

No, all data in WorkZone will continue to sync to the payroll platform until the decommission date.

How do I know which of my clients are using WorkZone?

Our feature usage report allows partners to download data relating to feature usage at the brand level. This can be done via the reports option under brand management.

  Is there a feature list for Swag?   

Yes, you can view the features of the Swag app here.

  Does Swag send the same notifications as WorkZone?   

Yes, any notifications that are triggered as push notifications in WorkZone can be sent in Swag. See this article for further information. 

  How can I train my team to support our clients with Swag?    

To train your team to support clients using Swag, we suggest utilising the Swag resources available in the Swag Help Centre. Additionally, we have a walk through demo here that guides your team through the app's features and functionalities.

  For employees using an HR platform, employees who submit timesheets via the Clock Me In app cannot see their timesheets, when will this happen?  

Yes, if a user has an employee and manager login using the same email address, they can use the toggle switch to change between the two views. See this article for further instructions. 

  Is there an employee view as well as a manager view in Swag?   

Clock Me In is a separate tablet application available on Payroll, where an employer installs the app on a physical tablet at an employee's work location. Employees physically clock in and out using this tablet, which then creates a timesheet on the Payroll platform. This feature is not available on WorkZone or Swag. However, there is a clock-in feature within WorkZone and Swag, which allows employees to clock in and out directly from their phones.

  For employees using an HR platform, employees cannot submit their availability. When will this functionality be available?  

This functionality is now available via a custom user experience (beta) where admins can select to make availability functionality available in Swag. To enable these settings, follow the instructions here.

  Is information from Payroll’s (formerly KeyPay) roster pre-populated into Swag, e.g Work types?  

Yes. If your clients are using payroll only, then the rostering details will be replicated in Swag just as they are in WorkZone.

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