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InstaPay daily is coming soon and it:

  • Launches in early 2024 to eligible users paid monthly.
  • Only eligible to uses with a Swag Spend account.
  • Up to 50% paid Monday - Friday for a monthly subscription fee.
  • Follow this article to find the latest updates ‌on this feature.
  • More to come as we launch


Question Answer

Can I get my InstaPay Daily amount deposited into any account?

InstaPay Daily will be deposited into your Swag Spend account only

When will I receive my InstaPay Daily?

InstaPay Daily will be deposited into your Swag Spend account from 9:00pm AEST each weekday (Monday-Friday) including public holidays.

How much can I access?

You will be eligible for up to 50% of your earned wages daily.

When will I be charged?

InstaPay Daily is a monthly subscription fee that will be charged as part of your first InstaPay transaction.

Can I cancel my subscription and what happens to the remainder of the month?

You can cancel your subscription at any point in time during your pay cycle. If you do this, you will still receive access to InstaPay Daily until your pay cycle ends but will not be charged from your next pay cycle

Why did I not receive my InstaPay Daily amount?

There are a few scenarios in which you might not receive your InstaPay Daily amount.

  • If you have leave for the day

  • If your pay run is open/started - but this is good news as the rest of your salary is on its way

Can I use InstaPay Now and InstaPay Daily at the same time?

Unfortunately, you can only use one or the other. Once you opt into InstaPay Daily, InstaPay Now will not be available any longer


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