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  What are groups? 

Groups allow the 2 million members of the Swag community to come together to leverage the strength of their buying power to combat the cost of living.

  Who are groups available for?  

Groups are available for Australian Swag community members at launch.

  Where can I find groups?  

You will find groups in the Benefits section of the Swag app.

  Why join a group?   

Joining a group shows that you are interested and want a better deal, bigger discount or premium deal that groups category. The more people in a group, the more buying power, the more exclusive a deal you can get.

  What do I need to do?  

The bigger a group gets, the more exclusive a deal we can negotiate for you. All you need to do is join. Sharing a group with others will also help the community grow faster.

  When I join a group, why do you want to contact me.  

We want to be able to keep you in the loop with what we are doing for you and the rest of the group. By agreeing to notifications, we will keep you up to date with updates like who we are working with and when we have the best price we can offer you. Don’t worry, we will not spam you with updates, just the exciting ones.

  Can I leave a group?  

You cannot leave a group just yet. But why would you want to?

  I have an idea for a group or exclusive offer, how can get in touch?  

We are always on the hunt for the next exclusive offer and ways to make your money go further. In the future, you will be able to make suggestions for new groups, so hold onto that good idea.

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