Swag spend account and earned pay access information for employers and managers


InstaPay will soon be rebranded as earned pay access. You may see both names used over the next couple of weeks as we change the name in the app and online.



  How will payroll know that an employee has applied for earned pay access?  

We automatically highlight and apply any earned pay access repayment transactions to your ‌payroll ABA file. Making it easy to make sure your employees are paid their net balance after the earned pay access fee, and advanced earned pay access request deduction amount. All you have to do is not edit the automated balances. The employee's payslip will automatically reflect the earned pay access deduction amount and earned pay access fee as a deduction. Employment Hero is working to improve the notifications to Payroll Admins in advance so you know how many of your team have used earned pay access.

  Is the Swag Spend account replacing bank cards/bank accounts? My employees are asking if they still have access to their bank accounts (e.g. CommBank, NAB, ANZ etc.)  

The Swag Spend account is completely optional. It does not replace any existing employee bank accounts and can easily be used alongside them to make sure employees get easy and fast access to the best benefits and discounts within the in-app and in-store.

  Once my employees have ordered the Swag Spend account Visa Debit card, do we have to start paying salary in the Swag Spend account only?  

The Swag Spend account is completely optional. It does not replace any existing employee bank accounts and they can easily use it alongside them to make sure employees get easy and fast access to the best benefits and discounts in-app and in-store. If your employee wishes to stream their salary between their Swag Spend account and an existing bank account, direction your employee to this article for instructions.

  Why are employees asked to set up a Swag Spend Account? We wish to switch this feature off.   

The Swag Spend account is the foundation of Employment Hero’s improved employee value proposition (EVP). Swag makes it easier, faster, and cheaper to offer Benefits and rewards to your employees both in-store and online. Swag Spend account is entirely optional for your employees. lt unlocks a world of new benefits that Swag is working hard to continually improve the range, accessibility, and value of, for all employees.

  I do not want my employees using earned pay access. Can I switch it off?  

Earned pay access offers a bridge across the payday gap. It does this by providing employees access to their money now so they do not have to rely on expensive short-term credit traps like Buy-Now-Pay-Later, credit cards, or other short-term loans.

Swag funds the earned pay access requested salary amount in advance to your employees. Your finance team does not have to fund any of the advance payments, and you do not have to change or alter your payroll or finance processes. With no credit, no interest, no ongoing fees, and automatic repayment, earned pay access means employees are at no risk of entering a predatory, compounding, unserviceable debt cycle.

Research shows that employees will use these funds to manage bills and emergencies. We conducted research with 503 employees that represented a cross-section of the Australian demographic (95% confidence, 5% margin of error) on how they would use a product like earned pay access. Research also shows employees would use earned pay access responsibly:

  • Managing bills (44%).
  • Emergencies (44%).
  • Unplanned expenses (35%).
  • Investing (13%).
  • Improve budgeting (11%).
  • Avoid credit/loans/interest charges (9%).
  • Minimise use of BNPL (7%).
  • Reducing their mortgages via an offset account (3%).
  • All the above (2%).
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  •  " I do not want my employees using InstaPay. Can I switch it off? "

    Re: the FAQ above, the information does not really answer the question.

    In addition, it is unclear who carries the risk, even if it is only small, in the situation of there being insufficient funds to be paid from an employees final pay. Does Swag chase the employee or is the Employer wear the cost?

  • Hi James Agnew

    Thanks for reaching out. 

    I have created a support ticket for you, as the support team are positioned to be able to assist with product help and can turn off this feature for you. The ticket number is Request # 1064803 and you'll receive an email confirming that the support team have received your enquiry. Thanks!

  • Good morning, have you guys stopped doing instapay? I can't see any icon/link etc.
    Troy Duthie

  • Hi Loren Mathewson

    Our company would also like to know the answer to James's question as well as have the ability to turn this feature off.

    Can you please create a support ticket for this?


  • Loren Mathewson Can you please create a support ticket for me as well?  We would also like to find out how to switch off employees access to Instapay.

  • As the person above, a question reminds how the Instapay can be switch off or not to be an option for my oranisation

  • Hi Troy Duthie, thank you for your comment and apologies for the delayed response. Yes, InstaPay is still available on the Swag App. You can learn more about it in our article: Getting Started: What is InstaPay via Money? Thank you!

  • Hi Vikki Cooper

    I have created a ticket for you as well, the ticket number is Request # 1106364. Thanks!


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