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This FAQ answers the most commonly-asked questions about the transition from Hero Dollars to Hero Points. You can spend Hero Points in the Swag Store on gift cards or on everyday purchasing using a Swag Visa Debit card. They can be used for the Recognition feature in the Company Feed, or for small bonuses for birthdays or work anniversaries.



  What are Hero Points?  

Hero Points are the new way to get rewarded and recognised. We have replaced Hero Dollars with a points-based system. Rest assured, your employees can continue to spend Hero Points in the Swag Store and on a Swag Visa Debit card.

  What will happen to my Hero Dollars?

We will convert your existing Hero Dollar balance into Hero Points. You may see a compensating transaction (either a top-up or a withdrawal) in your transaction history, which ensures that your previous and new balances are the same value. This is the same for your employees and their Hero Point balances.

  How does this affect my reward and recognition process?  

If you have opted to give Hero Dollars to your employees using the Reward or Recognition feature in Employment Hero, we will convert the amounts to Hero Points. You can adjust these amounts at any time in the Reward Settings and Recognition Settings tabs.

  Can my employees still use Hero Points in the same way as Hero Dollars?  

Absolutely! Your employees can redeem Hero Points in the Swag store, just like they did with Hero Dollars. They can also redeem Hero Points on everyday purchases using a Swag Visa Debit card.

  What is the conversion rate from Hero Dollars to Hero Points?  

When purchasing Hero Points, $50 will buy you approximately 1000 Hero Points.

  How can I use Hero Points for reward and recognition?  

You can choose to issue Hero Points for employee milestones and recognition. Across our customers, the average distribution for employee milestones is about 800 Hero Points. For recognition, the average distribution is about 1000 points.

  How can I spend Hero Points?  

The purchasing power of Hero Points varies depending on how they are redeemed. To better understand their value, we recommend checking out the Swag store and comparing the price of different products. For example, you can redeem 300 Hero Points in the Swag store for an Adult eSaver Event Cinemas Movie Voucher, or 2904 Hero Points for a $100 JB Hi-Fi Gift Card. If you want to redeem Hero Points using your Swag Visa Debit card, you could grab a coffee with 100 points.

  I am currently implementing Employment Hero - what will happen to my Guided HR Implementation Credit?  

The Guided HR Implementation Credit will be issued in the form of Hero Points for Australian organisations. The value of the credit will remain the same - customers will receive 5208 Hero Points for meeting certain milestones as part of their customer journey outlined here.

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