Swag app version support policy

App version support policy

Our commitment to offering the best experience in the Swag app includes a rolling app version support policy. This means that when a new app version is released, we continue to support it and the four previous versions, ensuring our users always have access to the latest and most secure features.

Maintaining current support: our five-version policy

As of 6 March 2024, our technical support extends to the five latest versions of our app. Patches to these versions are included, but do not count towards the version limit. This means, if the latest version is 2.24.1, technical support is available for versions 2.20.0 through 2.24.1. Our rolling support model ensures that with each new release, we begin supporting the new version and phase out support for the oldest version among the last five. For instance, the release of version 2.25.0 will shift support to versions 2.21.0 through 2.25.0.

Why we support five versions

Supporting the latest five versions allows us to concentrate our resources on improvements and new features while ensuring stability and security. It also enables our users to benefit from enhanced performance, compatibility with newer devices, and access to the latest features released, all aimed at facilitating and enhancing your work and employment experience.

Support services

Technical assistance covers app operation, feature functionality, bug reporting, and troubleshooting. Regular updates and security patches will be released only for supported versions.

What this means for users

We encourage our users to update to the latest version to enjoy the full range of features we offer as well as security updates. Users on older versions may not have access to the latest features or security updates. For the best performance and user experience, please ensure your app is updated regularly.

How to update

You can update to the latest version of our app by visiting the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android and selecting Update. If you have enabled automatic updates, your app will update automatically.

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  • I have a staff member who has previously been able to use Swag to apply for leave. They needed to replace their phone and downloaded the Swag App. Now when they log in, its asking them about jobs as if they are searching for a job. Has there been an update? I have updated my version of Swag to the latest and I have no issues.

  • Hi Candice Bradley

    Thanks for reaching out. 

    I have created a support ticket for you, as the support team are positioned to be able to assist with product questions. The ticket number is Request # 1064802 and you'll receive an email confirming that the support team have received your enquiry. Thanks!


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