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  What is InstaPay Daily?  

InstaPay Daily introduces the real-time flow of money, enabling workers to access daily payments of your already-earned pay, and marking a ground-breaking shift in how we perceive work and earnings.

  Am I eligible for InstaPay Daily?  

InstaPay Daily is suitable for Australia-based, full-time salaried employees ONLY that are connected to EH Payroll and have a monthly pay run in arrears.

You will also need a Swag Spend account to receive your InstaPay Daily funds. If you do not already have a Swag Spend account, you can sign up for one using these instructions. At this stage, Swag cannot pay InstaPay Daily funds into any other account.

  Is InstaPay Daily a loan?  

No, InstaPay Daily is not a loan. InstaPay daily is an earned-wage access program. To find out more about earned-wage access programs, see here. 

  How much of my pay can I access with InstaPay Daily?  

You will be able to access up to 50% of your earned wages daily - with a daily cap at $AUD 165.00.

If you have deductions in your pay already, then this amount may be less.

  What are the fees to use InstaPay Daily?  

Your first month using InstaPay Daily is free. After your first free month, InstaPay Daily has a monthly fee of $AUD 9.99. This is billed on the first day of your pay period for the month.

  How do I apply for InstaPay Daily?  

Follow the instructions in this article.

  When do I receive my InstaPay Daily funds?  

Your InstaPay Daily funds will be paid into your Swag Spend account at 9pm AEST each day (Monday-Sunday), including public holidays.

  How do I close my InstaPay Daily account?  

  1. Log into your Swag app.
  2. Tap on the Money icon.
  3. Tap on Support along the top bar.
  4. Tap on the Opt out of InstaPay Daily button.
  5. Select the reason you are opting out. 
  6. Click Submit.

You can cancel your subscription at any point in time during your pay cycle. If you cancel, you will receive access to InstaPay Daily until the pay cycle ends (as you have paid for the month) and will not be charged from your next pay cycle.

  Who do I talk to if I have an InstaPay Daily complaint?  

  1. Log into your Swag app.
  2. Tap on the Money icon.
  3. Tap on Support along the top bar.
  4. Tap on Spend Account Complaints
  5. Add your complaint into the text box.
  6. Tap Submit. 
  7. A support representative will be in touch with you as soon as possible. 

  Why have I not received my InstaPay Daily funds?  

InstaPay Daily will not be paid on a given day:

  1. If you have leave entered into the platform for that day.
  2. Your pay run is open or has started - as per current rules with InstaPay Now.
  3. If you have a termination date in the platform.
  4. You are also using InstaPay Now at the same time.

  What will InstaPay Daily look like on my payslip?  

InstaPay Daily amounts will be aggregated and shown as 1 line item with the dates a user received their InstaPay Daily funds.

  Can casual employees use InstaPay Daily?  

At the moment, we will only be offering InstaPay Daily to full-time, salaried employees.
In the near future we will offer it to casuals and timesheet users.

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