How is my money handled by InstaPay Now?

InstaPay Now gives you access to your money as you earn it instead of waiting for payday. 

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How your money is handled

How are InstaPay Now funds deducted?

InstaPay Now payments in a pay period are deducted from your bank account in that pay period’s pay run. You will see the transaction reflected on your pay slip as a deduction, with a reference number that corresponds to the InstaPay order number in your InstaPay history.

How long does InstaPay Now take to process?
If you have requested InstaPay Now, there are several factors that might influence the processing time, such as in which account you receive your InstaPay Now funds. If you request your InstaPay Now funds during standard business hours, and if you have already received a previous InstaPay Now transfer. 
Payment Time Estimate Swag Spend Account Big 4 Banks Non-Big 4 Banks
Banking hours: 9am-5pm Monday-Friday Instantly Instantly Instantly
Non-banking hours: Anytime after 5pm and weekends Instantly Instantly Instantly

If your InstaPay Now funds are taking longer than stated above to process, get in touch with Swag Support.

How are InstaPay Now available funds calculated?

InstaPay Now available funds are an estimated total amount of money eligible for withdrawal. We base this on the amount of time you have worked but have not yet received payment for in the current pay period. For salaried employees, InstaPay Now calculates as a proportion of your salary for the total number of days worked in the pay period. See this article for detailed information about this. 

Receiving your money

When will I receive the InstaPay Now amount I have requested?

You will receive your InstaPay Now funds to your Swag Spend account or your nominated bank account immediately, as Employment Hero immediately deposits the requested funds.

How long does it take to receive my InstaPay Now funds?

InstaPay Now transfers are immediate to either your Swag Spend account or your nominated bank account.

Submit a request via the Employment Hero support team. Get in touch with us here.

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