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What is a Swag Spend account?

The Swag Spend account is a feature within Swag that enables employees to manage their money at no additional cost.

The Swag Spend account also includes a digital Mastercard debit card that is linked to your Swag Spend account digital transaction account, and can be used with Apple Pay and Google Pay.

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How can I contact the Swag Spend Account help team?
You can contact the Swag Spend account Help team via this link. 
What financial products do you offer?
Currently, we offer customers a Swag Spend account digital transaction account that represents your available balance, but is not a bank account.

Opening a Swag Spend Account

What mobile devices are supported?
The latest Android and iOS versions are supported.
Why do I not qualify for a Swag Spend account?
If you have been advised that you do not qualify for a the Swag Spend account, there are a few reasons that this may occur.

You are not 16 or over

Swag Spend Account applicants need to be 16 years or older to be eligible for a Swag Spend account.

Your address or passport details do not match

You need to input your full name (including initials if displayed on your identity document), address, date of birth and passport number exactly as they appear on your documents, as this is important for the verification process. If not input exactly, then your Swag Spend account application will be rejected.

Be mindful of abbreviations (e.g. St. instead of street, Rd instead of road) as this is a common cause of our internal verification systems being unable to match your data, which will cause your application to fail.

If your ID has a middle name, ensure you write your middle name/s exactly as it appears on your ID. This might be just the middle initial, or all of your middle names. If this does not match your ID exactly, then our verification system will not be able to identify you, and your application will fail.

This process is also case-sensitive, so be sure to match the case exactly as appears on your ID.
How do I add funds to my Swag Spend account?
To top up your account, please follow the steps below:
  1. In the Swag app, tap Money.
  2. Underneath your Swag Spend account balance, you will see your account details.
  3. Tap on the Share icon to share the account details to another device.
  4. Transfer funds from another bank account.
Swag supports instant payments, so if this is available through your other bank, the top-up will be instant. Please note some banks may not allow you to paste in your account details; in this case, you may need to enter your account details manually.

Managing your Swag Spend account

I have accidentally sent funds to the wrong person. What can I do?
Contact ‌the Swag Spend Account support team via this link. 
Why can I not send funds or make any transactions?
Contact ‌the Swag Spend Account support team via this link. 
Can I use my Swag Spend Account Mastercard card with Apple Pay or Google Pay?
Yes, you sure can. Say hello to Apple Pay and Google Pay. Add your Swag Spend Account Mastercard debit card to Apple Pay or Google Pay in your Swag app or on your device in your digital wallet section:
  1. Open Apple Pay/Google Wallet on your device.
  2. Select Add a card.
  3. Enter the details of the card to manually add it to your digital payment wallet.
If you experience any issues, you can contact support via the app.
Does my Swag app work on wearable devices?
At this time, the Swag app is only available on smartphones, and compatible Apple wearable devices, however, instant push notifications and payments can be accessed through Google Pay on compatible wearable devices.
Why was my payment to another bank not instant?
When you send payments from your Swag Spend account transaction account to another bank, we will always attempt to send the funds via instant payment route/Faster Payments.

Additionally, sometimes other financial institutions choose to hold received Faster Payments due to their own internal rules related to fraud or anti-money laundering monitoring. This means we do not have oversight of the dates or times for when the payments will arrive.
Can I use my Swag Spend account overseas?
You can use your Swag Spend account all around the world where Mastercard payments are accepted.
What if I want to close my Swag Spend account?
We understand saying goodbye is not easy and we are sorry if we did not meet your expectations. We would love to know how to improve our customer experience for the future. If you could include the reason for closing your Swag Spend account, we would greatly appreciate it.

Contact ‌the Swag Spend account support team via this link. 

Please ensure that there are no pending payments and that all remaining funds are removed from the account before you request closure. We will then request the closure from the provider.

As a terminated employee, can I still access my Swag Spend account?

Yes, terminated employees can still access their Swag Spend account. Your Swag Spend account is connected to your profile. This means you can access the account as long as you use the correct login details.

To learn more about terminated employee access, please refer to this article: Swag app access for terminated employees.

Important Product Information

Where can I find the Swag Spend account Terms & Conditions?
The Swag Spend Account terms and conditions are located here.
How do I dispute a transaction, mistaken payment or incorrect payment?
Where you think a transaction is an unauthorised transaction or is otherwise incorrect, please get in touch with us immediately via the Swag app and provide as much information as you can about the relevant transaction so we can investigate further.

There are specific circumstances and time frames where we can claim a refund for a disputed transaction. This means that our ability to investigate a disputed transaction is limited to the time frames imposed by payment service providers and card schemes (like Mastercard) that we deal with, so it is important to let us know as soon as possible after you become aware of a disputed transaction.

If you have a problem with a purchase made with your Swag Spend Account or a disputed transaction, the first step is to get in touch with the merchant you made the purchase from.

If you cannot resolve the matter with the merchant, contact ‌the Swag Spend account support team via this link. 

If you suspect that the security of your Swag Spend account has been compromised, you may want to disable your Swag Spend account to avoid continued unauthorised use.

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