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  Why can I not activate my Swag Spend Mastercard debit card?  

If you are having trouble activating your card, you can contact the Swag Spend Account Help team via this link. 

  What happens when I use my Swag Spend account digital card with an overseas merchant?  

When you make purchases with your Swag Spend account digital card online or in-store with overseas merchants, your account will be debited in GBP as it is a GBP-only account. At the point of sale, Swag will convert the GBP to its equivalent currency. The benefits of using your debit card for overseas purchases are:

  • We do not charge an international transaction processing fee, but please note some merchants may charge a fee.
  • Swag passes on the exchange rates it receives from Visa and does not add a margin like many of our competitors, so you get a better exchange rate.

We will shortly be giving you the viability of these rates within our app, but in the meantime, you can check them at the Mastercard website.

  Where is my Swag Spend account digital card accepted?  

Your Swag Spend Account card is a digital Matercard debit card, so is accepted anywhere worldwide that Mastercard is accepted.

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