What is Swag?

Swag rolls employment into one superapp. We let you do more in your day, and get more out of life. The app is made up of 3 sections - Work, Money and Benefits.

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The Work section of Swag

What is the Work section in Swag?

The Work section simplifies your work admin, policies and communications.

In Work, you can:

  • Stay across company news, shoutouts and events
  • Complete training and track goals
  • Manage leave requests and timesheets

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The Money section of Swag

What is the Money section in Swag?

The Money section lets you get paid on-demand and make saving second nature.

In Money, you can:
  • Break free from pay cycles with InstaPay —the flexible, credit-free way to get paid
  • Score your own Swag Visa Debit card and Swag Spend account
  • Shop with Google Pay or Apple Pay
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The Benefits section of Swag

What is the Benefits section in Swag?
Get more from your everyday spend with Cashback offers and the Swag store.
  • Enjoy up to 20% cash back from leading retailers 
  • Save on everyday essentials with 5% off gift cards
  • Get rewarded with Hero Dollars at work. Use it to unlock exclusive savings in the Swag store
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