Viewing my pay slips via HR Work

Pay slips help you keep accurate and complete records of the pay and entitlements you have received while working for your organisation. The Pay Slip feature allows you to access a digital copy of your pay slips, which you can download if you want an offline version. The feature also allows you to share a copy of your pay slip if you need to send it to another device.

Daily activities

Access your pay slip
  1. Open the Swag App
  2. Tap on Work.
  3. From the Work home view, scroll the top menu to the left until you see Payslips.
    Screenshot of the work seection in swag, highlighting where to tap on payslips
  4. The Payslips view shows you your payslips historically.
  5. Tap on which you want to see.
  6. This displays the payslip as a PDF. To share by email or to save to your device, tap Share.
  7. The payslip will automatically download.
  8. Go to your download manager on your device to locate the payslip and then Share.

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