What is Swag?

Swag rolls employment into one superapp. We let you do more in your day, and get more out of life. The app is made up of 2 sections - Work and Career.

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The Work section of Swag

What is the Work section in Swag?

The Work section simplifies your work admin, policies and communications.

In Work, you can:

  • Stay across company news, shoutouts and events
  • Complete training and track goals
  • Manage leave requests and timesheets

Get a complete overview of the Work section here.

The Career section of Swag

What is the Career section in Swag?
The Career section helps you discover new internal opportunities and apply for roles in minutes.

In Career, you can:

  • Discover internal job opportunities
  • Fast-track your career development
  • Talk to internal hiring managers 1:1
  • Refer friends and family for roles
Get a complete overview of the Career section here.
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