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To learn how to configure the open beta, see this article.



  I have followed all the instructions, but my employees still can’t see the features?  

Ensure that employees have the latest version of Swag and that once you have saved the changes above, employees will need to access the Dashboard in the Work section of the app and swipe down to refresh.

  Can I have some employees still access HR timesheets and some access Payroll-only version of timesheets? (This is also for leave/expenses/rostering)  

Unfortunately, you would only be able to use 1 version across the entire organisation at any one time.

  What are some of the limitations?  

The limitations of using this feature would be that any notifications that come through for the payroll/WorkZone versions of a feature will not be found in the notification list. Employees will still receive push notifications, but they cannot be found in the list once you are in the Swag app.

  Where are my employees timesheets/leave/expenses submitted to?  

If you are using the payroll-only version of these features, when submitted, they will be submitted directly to your payroll platform.

  How will my managers be able to approve/decline employees pending requests?  

You will need to ensure that managers have been set up under the “Manage Users” section of the payroll platform with emails that are exactly the same as their Employment Hero HR logins. Once they have the same logins, when managers log into the Swag app, in each section they will find a manager toggle which they can switch between an employee or manager view. For more information on how to set this up see this article on Granting managers restricted access

  What features will I be able to select from?  

Currently, you are able to use the payroll versions of Timesheets, Expenses, Rostering, Leave and Unavailability. Unavailability is not a feature available in your HR platform, but will automatically be enabled if your employees have employee portal access and they have the permissions to submit an unavailability.

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