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If you would like to know more about the transition process, see this article for how to configure the open beta to access WorkZone features in Swag, and FAQ about the open beta configuration.



  Is the Swag app the same as the WorkZone app?  

Yes, the Swag app has all of the features that the WorkZone app. So you are not losing any functionality by switching from WorkZone to Swag.

  Who will have access to this feature?  

All customers that have a current Employment Hero HR subscription AND a payroll subscription

  Does this mean a customer can be using the leave feature on the HR version and also the WorkZone version of timesheets to clock in/clock out?  

Yes, that’s correct, customers are able to select between using the HR and Payroll versions of Leave, Timesheets and Rostering.

  Which features will be available?  

There will only be pre-payroll items that will be available for customers to select between HR vs Payroll:

  • Timesheets
  • Leave
  • Rostering
  • Expenses

Features that will automatically be available if an employee has employee portal access has permissions (on payroll):

  • Unavailability

  What are the limitations?   

If you opt to use the payroll versions of a feature, the notifications will not appear in the list of notifications. You will still receive push notifications as per usual, but it will not be compiled in the notification list (same functionality as WorkZone app).

  Will this feature include managers setup as well?

Yes, if you have set up employees as managers on payroll (In Manage Users) and you are using the same email address as the HR employee file, the manager toggle will also be available.

  Where will the employees submissions of leave, timesheets, unavailability, expenses go? Payroll or HR?

If customers are using the HR version of a feature, it will still follow the same process as previously:  leave and timesheet submissions will require an approval from a manager before syncing to payroll; and expenses will not be synced to payroll at all.

If customers are using the payroll version of a feature, it will automatically be created in their payroll platform (even as a pending item), this will be for all features:

  • Timesheets

  • Leave

  • Rostering

  • Expenses

  • Unavailability.

  Will the functionality of the payroll employee portal be affected in any way?

Not at all, this feature is just providing another method for customers to use features such as Timesheets, Leave, Rostering, Unavailability, Expenses that would go directly to payroll, just as if they were using WorkZone. It will not affect the employee portal experience in any way.

  Will there still be different functionality for HRIS and Payroll only customers? Will the payroll only version of Swag remain as is without the additional HR features?

Yes, currently there will still be the Work section in Swag, and WorkZone Work. There will also be the HR App Work Pillar (with a combination of some pre-payroll features from the WorkZone app - this beta feature).

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