What actions can I perform as an employer or manager via the Swag app

The Swag app is a comprehensive app which allows employers and managers to conduct many management activities. There are however, some actions that are only currently accessible on the Swag website. Below is a table of each section of the Swag app, and the actions that will need to be performed on the website, or if you can action this in the Swag app.


Function Can be done in app
View documents  
Add documents to your profile  
Sign documents  
View payslips  
Review leave requests  
Approving or declining leave requests  
Assign a document to an employee  
Assign induction content to an employee  
Assign workplace policies to an employee  
Review safety incidents  
Access Swag support  
Review timesheets  
Approve timesheets  


Function Can be done in app
Post vacant roles on Swag  
Chat with candidates   
Access Career support  

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