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Work features

You are provided with access to Work when you are employed by an organisation using our HRIS or payroll software. Work will allow users to conduct work admin, such as complete and approve timesheets, rosters, access and download payslips in real time, view leave balances, apply for leave, manage timesheets, view rosters and denote unavailability and much more in Work, all from the convenience of your mobile device.


Your organisation determines access to certain features. Some features may not be available due to your organisation's subscription level, or because they have made the business decision not to utilise that feature. See this article for an explanation of what you can see in Work.

Benefits of using Work

Work connects you with your organisation and allows you to have more transparent access to your employment documentation and employee file management. You will see your work admin decrease, meaning more time for the important stuff like innovation and connection.

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