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Your company is well aware that happy employees are good for business. Happy employees are productive and innovative employees, and good employee retention saves a company in recruitment costs.

Swag's Happiness Surveys reviews how happy employees are at work, and gathers feedback on pain points, areas of improvement and employee ideas, thus improving conditions for employees concurrently with the cost-saving, innovating and engagement benefits of satisfied employees. 

How to send a Happiness Survey to an employee


A manager can only send a Happiness Survey from the HR web portal. A Happiness Survey cannot be sent from the Swag app at this stage. 

How to fill out a Happiness Survey


Your employer will need to have already sent a Happiness Survey to you from the HR web portal to be able to fill this out. This will appear on your Work home screen.

  1. Log into the Swag app. 
  2. Tap on the Work icon.
  3. On the Work home screen, there will be a Happiness Survey tile. Tap Complete Survey.
    Screenshot of where to tap on shared notes
  4. Fill out your feedback in a scale, and provide any comments that you have. Tap Submit.
    Screenshot of where to tap on shared notes

Helpful Hint

Happiness Surveys are anonymous, giving you the opportunity to provide your honest feedback about your workplace.

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