What is Swag?

The Swag super-app will disrupt the employment market by helping people find work, manage work, grow their income, get paid and save - all from one place.

Swag will provide candidates and employees unprecedented control over their source of income and the value it provides. They will also be able to take Swag with them wherever they go.

We recognised that we could help employers improve their employer value proposition (EVP) by offering a broader and more accessible range of discounts and benefits linked to a virtual card that can be used anywhere online or offline; and we could help employees by saving time spent on work admin, take control of your career, and save money with access to the Swag Store.

Swag home screen
Screenshot of the Swag home screen
  • View your latest pay slips or apply for leave in the easy-access tiles.
  • Access Shortcuts to your most commonly-used features of Swag.
  • Learn about  how to recognise your peers at work.
  • Take a Swag tour to get the know the features.

Swag consists of 2 sections - Work and Career. More sections are coming soon.


Work will allow users to conduct work admin, such as complete and approve timesheets, rosters, claims (via expenses) and add or edit leave requests, access payslips and much more from the convenience of your mobile device. You will see your work admin decrease, meaning more time for the important stuff like innovation and connection.

Career allows existing employees to search and apply for internal roles, while simplifying the admin involved with hiring.

If you are not currently employed, you can sign up and look for vacant roles on Swag to find your next dream role.

For employers, there is free job posting on the Swag Jobs website and access to the Swag talent pool with integrated ATS and onboarding.

Additional information

Why has this change occurred?
There are three reasons for this significant change:
  1. Attract and retain talent: In a tight labour market, it has become increasingly difficult for many SMEs to attract and retain top talent. Swag will help you attract and retain talent, plus boost your employment value proposition (EVP) by offering exclusive rewards and corporate-level discounts for employees and candidates.

    Swag also utilises an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and free job boards to streamline recruitment and save you on job advertising via paid job boards.
  2. Cut the cost of living: The cost-of-living crisis is affecting more people than ever. 57% of employees feel their pay does not meet their cost of living pressure and 51% of employees would consider switching jobs for a competitive offer. More financial features will become available in 2024.
  3. Improve the user experience: We have had consistent feedback from you, our customers, that you want to see an improved mobile user experience (UX). This update addresses that with a fresh UX update.
Why has the mobile app been renamed Swag?
Swag is the next iteration where work and career are all rolled into one powerful app. By introducing new app features and functionality, our goal is to make employment easier and more rewarding. The Swag app now contains everything an employee will need to manage their work, career, save on everyday purchases, and claim exclusive benefits.
How do users access the Swag app?
If your employees use another HRIS app, they will only need to update their app on Wednesday 1 March. For any employees who have not previously downloaded an HRIS app, they will need to search for Swag in either the Google Play or Apple App Store to download. They can log into Swag using their existing credentials.
What has changed?
Over the years we have received customer feedback on the user experience of the mobile app. This change improves the UX and introduces feature parity across both the desktop and mobile versions of the platform.

All of the features and functionality that your employees access in your existing HRIS app will be available in Swag, with some great new functionality to further support employees.
  • UX improvements: Swag features an updated user interface that improves the user experience. Upon updating the app, a quick walkthrough will show your employees what has changed.
  • Swag Work: This features all the same functionality that you, your colleagues and employees use and love, with a new facelift. Expect the UI to be cleaner and easier to navigate.
  • Swag Career: This helps you showcase internal opportunities to your team and tap into referral networks - making it easier to retain and hire great people. Features include an internal job board, free job posting, and candidate profiles with accreditations and employment documents for easy onboarding.

    Employees can easily refer people from their network for open roles, direct message candidates and internal candidates can easily check their application process with you having full visibility of your talent pipeline.
I am an admin/manager. What do I need to tell my employees?
Employees will receive an in-app walkthrough of Swag features when they download the Swag app. For a guide as to how to use Swag, employers can direct users here. 
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